Port 443 Binding

  • Hello,

    after some struggle with the registration I now be able to add camera feeds and try to connect my cameras to my Echo Show.

    There I am again in some struggles.

    The .deb files avaiaible are very good, no question but I would like to request an feature that I can choose which interface or IP is binded on my Gateway-Device.

    What I can see, the gateway tried to bind *:443 on my Raspberry and is unable to do this due that I have running an Webservice (Apache) on the same RaspberryPi (Model 4) on this Port.
    I can understand that Amazon forced that Port but the Interface to be used for that should be choosable, that’s also possible on the most other services around.
    So may create and simple .conf file on the already existing /etc/monocle Folder so it is possible to choos that Port 443 should be binded to an specifice IP (On Linux it is easy to add multiple IP’s to one Interface).

    May that is an discusable Feature Request.

    Now I am going to setup another Pi (old 3B) where the Gateway Service is running on.

    Just as an sugestion, no realy issue.

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