Amcrest 8mp cameras

  • Hi, does anyone know if either of these cameras can be made alexa compatible with Monocle?


    I prefer the turret or dome to the bullet that’s compatible. If anyone has advice on similar competitor cameras that would be appreciated as well.


  • Frontyard
    Amcrest NVR channel 3
    Manufacturer:Amcrest Model: IP8M-2493
    Last Viewed:Thu Dec 19 2019 14:02:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)
    BASIC H264 NONE 1920*1080 @tunnel

    The camera is only running 1920x1080, and the RTSP link is actually coming from the NVR that’s recording the camera (NV-4108HS), but it displays fine on my Alexa gear. I do have the Gateway running.

  • @flptrnkng

    Awesome, thank you much. I’m a newbie to this space and am trying to reduce the odds that my efforts are a complete failure.

  • @travisb1 In general, the Amcrest cameras and NVRs work well with Alexa. The Monocle Gateway is required for some Alexa devices; it may not be for all.

    1920x1080 is known to work. Higher resolutions may not work; I haven’t tried.

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