Monocle Gateway full technical Manual

  • Is there a complete manual for monocle Gateway?

    I’m using Hipcam(s) with genius NVR, works fine. Can not make it work with Monocle, firestick 4k echo 2nd gen.

    Does anyone really know how the monocle gateway works?

  • @Math
    Replying to myself. I used the @proxy TAG instead of gateway, even if I’m using the gateway…

  • @Math

    If you have any technical questions on the gateway, feel free to ask me.

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Monocle what RTSP or other, url can i use to stream my camera from the installed monocle gateway? Like, i want firetv and alexa to grab the streams, but i also want to view them on VLC through the monocle gateway… so what url would I use to view my video streams via the gateway?

  • @pir8radio

    There is not currently a method to access the RTSP stream directly thru the Monocle Gateway from VLC or any other typical RTSP viewer. The Monocle Gateway exposes the streams only via secure TLS connection, which I don’t think VLC supports. Furthermore, the Monocle Gateway does not know about all your configured cameras up front. It is only aware of a stream once a request to Alexa has been made and our backend system sends the request to your Monocle Gateway instance.

    We are open to adding this type of support in a future version of Monocle Gateway. Please post a request of what you are looking for under the “Feature Request” topic.

    Thanks, Robert

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