Hikvision DS-2CD2146G1-IS with Alexa Show 8

  • I am using a Hikvision DS-2CD2146G1-IS in my network. I am recording the main video feed on a Synology Surveillance Station without any problems.

    Direct RTSP streams from camera and from surveillance station are working in VLC without problems.

    I have installed the monocle gateway on a virtual machine. Configured cameras in monocle without any tags and of course with @proxy and/or @tunnel. Nothing works on my Alexa Show 8.
    Alexa says “Camera is not answering”.

    In case of @proxy and @tunne I can see “INITIALIZE RTSP STREAM” with correct settings in system logfile.

    I already disabled audio and changed resolutions and codecs …

    Any ideas out there?

  • Hi - I had the same problem.

    The show 8 can show a max of 1080p and only works with H264 codec (not H264+ or H265 codec)

    when I set up the third stream to H264 and 1280x720p and set up the monocle tag with @tunnel it worked perfectly.

    I have set up the main stream to 4K so the synology surveillance station can record that - but I point the show 8 to the third-stream and it works great. (I have not used the “sub-stream” as it has a max resolution of 640x480)

    Im no techie so forgive the general statements - hope they help.

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