Trying Gateway - 401 (Unauthorized)

  • Everything works fine with Monocle until I try to use the Gateway service. This is an Amcrest IP3M-943 camera.

    When I use the @tunnel tag, I get the log shown in the attached tunnel_log.

    When I use the @proxy tag, I get the log shown in the attached proxy_logproxy_log.jpg

  • @monocle - Any ideas on this?

  • I seem to be having the exact same issue with a Vstarcam C7837WIP.

    Its entirely possible I’m being a potato

  • When using @proxy, the the ECONNREFUSED error is telling us that either the monocle-proxy executable is not running or there is a firewall blocking port 8554.

    If you are running the gateway on a Windows machine, this is a common issue when some of the prerequisites are missing. Please try installing this dependency and then restart Monocle Gateway.

    Also check your Windows firewall settings and either temporarily disable it for testing and/or add a permanent exception to allow access to port 8554.

    Thanks, Robert

  • The “401” error you are getting when using @tunnel is an authentication failure. The monocle gateway is failing to authenticate with the IP camera at using BASIC authentication. I would suggest trying DIGEST authentication and maybe check your camera access password.

    Thanks, Robert

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