Fire TV 2. Gen, Fire TV 3. Gen and Proxy

  • Hi,

    i want to use a Fire TV 2. Gen and a Fire TV 3. Gen via Proxy. But if i enter @proxy in the settings only the Fire TV 3. Gen works but not the Fire TV 2. Gen. If i remove the setting @proxy only the Fire TV 2. Gen works but the Fire TV 3. Gen wont. Is it possible to get both work with only one kamera profile?



  • @Trinitus01

    It should be.

    I use all my cameras (one profile per camera) via a single Monocle Gateway instance and this includes viewing them on an “Amazon Fire TV 4K 2015 - (2nd generation)” and the latest FireTV 4K Sticks.

    Let me try testing this using the tag @proxy as I think most of mine are using @tunnel.

    What camera(s) are you using?

    Are both the FireTV devices (and the Monocle Gateway) all on the same WiFi network? Sometimes people put devices like this on a Guest network or VLAN and if your FireTV 2 were on a separate network, this could explain it.

    Also, if you can provide the log from Monocle Gateway while you attempt to view from your FireTV 2 we can see if at least the requests are making it to the gateway.

    Thanks, Robert

  • My Fire TV Stick 2. Gen is not a 4K one.
    And sorry for the wrong information but the 3. Gen is not a 3. Gen 4K, it is a Fire TV Cube.

    I also tried with the Tag @tunnel but after i changed the settings the Fire TV Cube was not able to connect to the Camera anymore. For now i have 2 profiles for the same Camera on the two different Fire TV devices: Camera Frontdoor Livingroom (with @proxy, Cube) and Camera Frontdoor Bedroom (without @proxy, Stick) but this is a bad solution.

    The camera is a Chinese-ONVIF-Outdoor-Camera:
    The vendor observed most of the ONVIF specification like motion aso but except two-way-audio.

    Yes, both of the FireTV and a RaspberryPi which runs the monocle gateway are on the same WiFi network.

    I will check the log and provide it later.

    Thanks for your response!



  • @Trinitus01

    You might also try tag @proxy-tcp. (instead of @proxy or @tunnel). It’s certainly odd that when you have it working on the FireTV Cube it stops working on the FireTV Stick. I have not seen that behavior before. I’ll have to dig around and see if I have an older FireTV stick of this generation to test with.

    I agree two profiles is not an ideal solution.

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Trinitus01 @Monocle

    I have seen this before, My case was due to audio and video settings… I have found strange issues with the cube not liking 4k video and/or audio other than g.711mu… I tried so hard to get all of my cameras to show on firetv and echo’s using my stream #1 4k output… I ended up setting up stream #2 on all of my cameras and set them to 1920x1080 HD ouput with g.711mu on the audio out of the camera, then @noaudio and @proxy using the gateway. My NVR still uses the 4k stream #1. At this resolution the cameras are all stable on firetv and echo’s (including the cube), i can start the video and leave it for a long time, no buffering or cut-out issues.

    example of how one of my cameras are setup.
    Screenshot from 2020-02-09 13-41-09.png

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