Check Port 443

  • I recently went all around the houses checking DNS rebinding and all sorts of complicated stuff because my RPi wouldn’t stream to my Echo Shows, whereas previously things worked perfectly. I presumed it was because I’d installed a new Draytek router with business class security features. But after several hours, I discovered “sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN” that showed me that 443 was being hogged by a home automation program (domoticz) that I’d forgotten I’d installed. Dhhh! But the lesson is that an early check on what else may be using 443 would be a sensible installation step.

  • @majones

    Excellent tip. Thanks for posting this. We should probably have the gateway also do some test on port 443 to make sure its not in use during startup. We plan on adding a web GUI to the gateway to provide access to more details about the service as well as configuration and testing utilities. So maybe some checklist of startup items to make sure no easily identified issues are detected.

    Thanks, Robert

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