Dericam S2C

  • I was able to get my Dericam S2C working by using Monocle’s gateway and adding @tunnel and @fake-fmtp tags. It took quite a bit of trial and error to get it working so I thought I would post this in case anyone else is trying to use this camera. The (mostly) undocumented @fake-fmtp tag is what finally got it working.

    Use /11 or /12 at the end of the RTSP URL for the first or second streams respectively. Audio is set to G711 and works perfectly.

    Presumably this would work for other Dericam models but I only have this model so I can’t say for sure.

    Thanks for such a great service, Monocle!


  • @BrianUsher

    Thanks for posting your success settings for this camera model!


  • Brian,
    I’ll drink to that! I have a Dericam B2A on Blue IRIS with other cameras. The Dericam is at the front door and almost but not quite a Doorbell cam. It connects through BI to Alexa but Alexa buffers and drops after about a minute. After trying a lot of the forum BI suggestions, I tried to connect directly to the B2A via Monocle; a lot of “no joy” until I tried your suggested parameters. And Eureka! - a sold connection. I saw the “11” parm in Blue Iris but it was a mystery to me. I tried a lot of the other permutations but no luck until I added your nuggets of wisdom. Many, many thanks. Bill

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