Lenovo Smart Tab Support? [DUPLICATE]

  • I purchased one of these

    Based on the description and information i can gather, its supposed be able to show cameras as well. I have loaded the skill and configured cameras and troubleshot many different settings. Initially i thought it may have been an issue with Foscam so I posted another thread in the foscam forum but i haven’t received any response yet. I haven’t bee able to get any camera working on this device. All i get is “Camera Doesn’t Support That” spoken by Alexa.

    This device is actually a great thing. It runs on Android, and can double as a tablet when not docked on its Alexa enabled dock. I can use tasker to automate things and it has my home automation apps as well. I mainly use this as an Alexa show in my kitchen.

    I am wondering if this device isn’t supported and would like to work through the process with support to get it added if it is not. I am willing to invest time and give whatever access is needed to troubleshoot this and get this to work

  • Ongoing discussion in this thread:

    I’m also going to search a bit and see if Amazon says anything about smart-home camera skills support on third-party devices.

  • Yeah thanks for the jumping in over there.

    From the searching that i have done, it appears that it supports just about everything that a regular Amazon Alexa show would. It lists somewhere I recall that it supports cameras. I’ll have to see if i can find where i read that. Appreciate the help.

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