Monocle Alexa Skill in Japan

  • Hello, I’d like to request support for Japan. I am a professional JPN-EN translator and would be very happy to provide any translations you may need. Thank you so much.

  • @tspinjp

    Excellent and thanks for your offer to help! I’ll put together the necessary English strings that will require translation for the Monocle Skill to be offered in Japan.

    These translations will enable the Alexa Monocle Skill to be displayed in Japanese and allow us to get it approved for publishing to Japan. I’ll setup a BETA version of the skill and send you an invitation so you can try it out before we publish it.

    This effort will not provide a fully translated version of the Monocle web GUI, just the skill for now.

    Thanks, Robert

  • That sounds great! I ended up using a US Amazon account for testing, to get your skill up and running, and after installing and setting up the Monocle Gateway, everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for this amazing skill! I had to access the camera manually through the Echo Show touchscreen, so it will great to be able to use my JP Amazon account and Japanese voice commands.

  • @Monocle
    How this project is going?
    I really wanted to Monocle Skill posted in place.
    If something I can help, such as beta testing, let me know, I’d love to help it.

  • @Monocle
    I also wanted you to support for Japan! I can help to translate. Please contact me if I can help you.
    Tank you!

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