• Please note that Reolink cameras are not directly compatible with Alexa devices.


    We have worked with Amazon Alexa support to diagnose and determine the incompatibility with Reolink cameras and Alexa devices . It turns out to be an incompatibility in the camera’s descriptor. The necessary steps to permanently fix this issue is for Amazon to update their RTSP player software that is built into each supported Alexa device. At this time there is no commitment or estimated time for this issue to be resolved by Amazon.

    Current Solution/Workaround

    We provide a workaround to the underlying incompatibility using our Monocle Gateway service.

    You will need to install the Monocle Gateway service inside your local network and configure your Reolink cameras in the Monocle Web Portal to use your Monocle Gateway instance by tagging the camera with the @tunnel tag. See Tagging Cameras for Monocle Gateway for more details.

    Note: The camera manufacturer must also be configured as “Reolink” in the Monocle Web Portal for the gateway service to apply the specific fix required for Reolink cameras or, alternatively you can additionally include the @ntpnow tag on the camera.

    Reolink Argus Cameras are not supported. . Reolink Argus Cameras do not support RTSP access at this time: https://forum.monoclecam.com/topic/142/reolink-argus-cameras

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