Split/Quad/Round-Robin Views

  • Split/Quad/Round-Robin Views

    Advanced viewing options such as split views, quad views and round robin stream cycling are common feature of traditional surveillance applications and camera viewers.

    We would certainly like the ability to offer these features on your Alexa device; however its not possible at this time.

    This type of feature is commonly implemented in the camera viewer software/app. However in the case of the Alexa devices that support the camera skill (CameraStreamController), the underlying system is providing the RTSP viewing app/software and it does not provide the concept of a third-party app to override the default RTSP viewer app. Additionally, at this time, some supported platforms such as the Echo Show and Echo Spot don not provide an app ecosystem that would allow us to develop a custom app with these advanced features.

  • @Monocle Split view, quad view are obviously hard but no ability to rotate between camera views that are each set up on Monocle seem feasible. I imagine it as a virtual camera named appropriately which I would add all of my camera views to. Does Alexa not allow stream change without re-invocation from the user? That would be a blocker.

    What I would imagine in the Monocle portal
    Front Door
    Back Door
    Entryway (selected Front Door + Back Door) + dwell time

  • @chester40391 said in Split/Quad/Round-Robin Views:

    Does Alexa not allow stream change without re-invocation from the user? That would be a blocker.

    Correct. We have no way to interrupt or send any unsolicited instructions to Alexa once she starts a camera stream.

    Also if a currently playing stream experiences a disconnect, I don’t think Alexa will attempt to reconnect to it. If so, we could potentially terminate the connection and send back a different stream info upon a reconnect request when using the Monocle Gateway — but again, I don’t think Alexa attempts any reconnects under these conditions — I’ll have to test it out to make sure.

  • @Monocle Would it be possible to add a virtual device that is itself a combination of streams? I know this may require encoding on the gateway itself but many of us self-hosting types have home servers capable of this. In the configuration for the camera, you could configure a multi-stream setup and expose it as a single virtual camera to Alexa.

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