Should Be an easy request? - SUPPORT PTZ PRESETS

  • This would probably only work with the monocle gateway installed:

    But I would like to see the option to enter multiple of the same camera RTSP into monocle but have the option to enter for each camera an HTTP feature request to be sent to the camera…

    For example my PTZ camera has say 50 presets for the camera to auto move and zoom. I have a preset called “mailbox” and “west yard”. They are both the same RTSP url, but you can activate the preset using an http request to the camera… So I would like monocle to allow me to enter my RTSP url, then have a field for an HTTP request to be sent at the same time. So I could say “Alexa show me the mailbox camera” Alexa would go to the RTSP stream and monocle would send an http request like:

    http://<ip>/cgi-bin/ptz.cgi?action=[action]&channel=[ch]&code=[code]&arg1=[argstr]& arg2=[argstr]&arg3=[argstr]

    Which would trigger the PTZ camera to move to and zoom into the mailbox.

    Then have another monocle camera called “West Yard Camera” so when I say “Alexa show me the west yard camera” she would tune into that same RTSP stream, and send the http request to call preset #2 which is my west yard… One PTZ camera but I could have many entries into monocle.

    Here is the amcrest/dahua API:

    But if you make the http request field generic it should work for any brand PTZ that allows http requests.

    Thoughts? 😊

  • Oh in the API doc, see section: 7.2.3 PTZ control commands

  • I would love to see PTZ and preset support support as well

  • I came here to make this exact request. +1 here!

  • @Monocle hook us up buddy! Lol. I can donate again too if it helps!

  • This feature is in the current plan. ✌
    No timing on the release of this feature yet, but I’ll post back here when its available for BETA testing.

  • Just here to +1

  • @Monocle
    Sweet! Thx!!

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