Axis M1031-W not responding

  • Hi, I’m trying to connect to the Axis M1031-W which seems to be supported reading through the pre-reqs. It works on VLC Internally. Here are my settings. I have tried a few resolutions to no avail.


  • I’ve just realised the gateway is required for echo show 5 (and probably 8). I will test this and advise.

  • I have installed the gateway and can see the request in the logs try to initiate the session, but it still does not work. I am running the gateway on a raspberrypi using the .deb package (as the docker container wouldn’t start). I am assuming my DNS binding is a problem as it isn’t able to define it dynamically from what I can tell.

  • I have resolved this by resolving DNS bind issues for my Google Wifi setup using these instructions.


  • Trying to connect to my P3245-LVE and having trouble.
    Can you do me the favor and post the config page of your camera in the Monocle settings?

    I’ve installed the gateway and generated a token for it.

    Still the camera is not reacting via Alexa…

  • This config page?


  • @arrikhan

    Is the the address of your camera in your local network?

    this one here:

    Monocle Webinterface.jpg

  • Just realized that I had to add “@tunnel” to the Tags.

    Now I can see something happening in the Monocle gateway.

    Unfortunately I get a “401” (Unauthorized) error…


  • Hmm… it only works for the P3245-LVE if I switch to Basic Authentication, the default of the camera (DIGEST) does not work with the Monocle app.

    Which means I can’t use the camera in my recording system anymore (Axis Camera Station)…

    Tried it with an M1145-L, which only has Basic Authentication, works fine with that camera.

    Let’s see if I can motivate the Monocle developers to investigate…

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