• Hi Guys,

    I have the SNH-E6411BN camera and VLC streaming works fine. I have an Echo Show 5 - so I downloaded and installed the gateway on my MacBook - installed and working fine.

    I see the requests coming to the gateway from Echo Show 5 - but no picture 😞

    I am using settings as below,

    URL : rtsp://
    Tags : DIGEST, H264, G711, 1280*720, @noaudio, @proxy

    This seems like a fab service but alas I am unable to get this working, can you please help??

    Note that I already have been through this super neat doc


  • @Monocle guys … any help here would be great.

  • @vijaypatil Not a monocle guy, but one thing I noticed is that you have @proxy tag but no @tunnel tag. As far as I understand it, you should tag the camera as @tunnel on the web app. (And remove @proxy)

    Also, I think it seems as though the skill may be abandoned. Loads of unanswered questions withing the past year. It is unfortunate as it could be a fantastic skill.

    It would also help to post a log of your output when attempting to connect.

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