No Name Hikvision DVR

  • I am playing with a DVR that seems to have Hikvision software. I know its not an NVR but however I can get the individual cameras streamed through VLC. I am having the same issues with the IP cameras I tried setting up for a friend but I keep hitting with a brick wall. The cameras are hikvision as well (again no name brand) I dont know what model they are exactly but how do we know if the model is really important when entering it on the monocle portal.

    I am getting a response from Alexa saying “hmm it seems the camera isn’t responding.” Is this the only way to contact Support from Monocle? Is there a way to do a teamviewer session? I would really like to get this setup up. I think this would be a great selling feature for my customers.

  • Hi,

    My Hikvision cams work fine with Monocle. Here is a valid RTSP URL for Hikvision cams:-

    Just replace the bold IP address with the IP address of your IP cam that is on your local Network (so the IP address of my cam is .57 on LAN 192.168.1.x. The “101” at the end is Channel 1 Sub channel 1 for that cam. The .554 is the port for RTSP access.

    You then need to enable the Monocle skill on your Alexa App then “search” for cameras. The cameras you add to Monocle will then appear in your Alexa App. Sounds like you have done this part.

    A quick way of testing your RTSP URL is to use VLC Player. Select “Open Network Stream” from the Media Menu. Paste in your RTSP URL then VLC will prompt you for the username and password. If the RTSP URL is valid VLC player will show the stream.

    If you dont know your camera models and dont know your RTSP URL downlaod a handy utility called “ONVIF Device Manager”. This will scan your LAN and show any IP cams it finds. You can then double click on the cameras it finds, then click “Live Video” and it will tell you what the RTSP URL is at the bottom of the window.

    Hope this helps.

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