• I’ve got multiple Amcrest IP4M-1051W cameras but one of them frequently has issues and just stops streaming… any idea why? I’ve cracked down the resolution and frame rate. Using the Amcrest app or VLC, the stream is perfect. It’s only an issue with Monocle.!

    Wifi shows it is a strong connection.

    I’m streaming to an Echo Show 5.

    Thanks in Advance!


    2020-04-13T02:46:30.486Z [INFO] [ <HyCYfUZdL>] RTSP ENDPOINT PLAYING MEDIA STREAM: Driveway (STREAM:62a21349-e58d-40e4-ac08-ce0f071a962c)
    2020-04-13T02:46:30.486Z [INFO] [ <HyCYfUZdL>] RTSP CLIENT PLAYING MEDIA STREAM: Driveway (STREAM:62a21349-e58d-40e4-ac08-ce0f071a962c)
    2020-04-13T03:13:33.732Z [INFO] [ <HyCYfUZdL>] RTSP ENDPOINT SOCKET CLOSED [ <HyCYfUZdL>]
    2020-04-13T03:14:35.383Z [WARN] [ <HyCYfUZdL>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET TIMEOUT
    2020-04-13T03:14:35.394Z [INFO] [ <HyCYfUZdL>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CLOSED
    2020-04-13T03:14:35.404Z [INFO] [ <HyCYfUZdL>] RTSP CLIENT DETACHED FROM STREAM: Driveway (STREAM:62a21349-e58d-40e4-ac08-ce0f071a962c)

  • I’ll also note that VERY often the camera shows as Buffering.

    Something else odd is that the longer I stream it, the longer the delay is. I use it to monitor our child in the crib. I can hear him cry and go get him and come back to our room and the camera still shows him standing there (which is always odd).

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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