Zxtech cameras

  • Hello,

    I’ve a few different models of the Zxtech cameras, I’ve got one of the three cameras working with an Alexa Show 5 but am struggling to get the other two working. Any help is much appreciated.

    The working Zxtech model is the MegaValue MC1281D6, setting wise I have;

    URL: rtsp://

    Authentication: DIGEST
    Video Resolution: 1280*720
    Video code : H264
    Audio codec: NONE
    Timeout: 20
    Tags : @noaudio @proxy-tcp

    The two alternative camera models I’ve tried to get working are the Zxtech Nightlife Plus and the Zxtech Atlas II. Both I’ve tried the above settings along with various resolutions, tags and streams from the cameras, as yet I’ve been unable to have a camera connection on the Alexa Show 5, it’s says the camera isn’t responding.
    The stream from the camera look correct and are workable via VLC.
    Any guidance or tips on where to trouble shoot is appreciated.

    Thanks David

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