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  • This is a fantastic service/skill. Thank you. However, I think it needs a level of knowledge and experience that would only really be successful by those willing to look under-the-covers and do some detective/configuration work.

    There are many many popular cameras in the market today, and for those with RSTP implementations, it would be great if there was a ‘Show me how’ button for which the only thing the end user needs to do is to give the application the camera make/model etc, and it would spit out a step-by-step set of instructions that are detailed enough so that someone will no knowledge of the underlying technologies could be successful.

    The web interface deserves a congrats…congrats…it’s the best UI so far for web cameras+Alexa…but if you want to get Monocle to a much larger set of end users, a Monocle-for-Dummies might be the trick. I think you have a great deal of the underlying configurations already in the forums, and so this might be a matter of packaging already existing assets you’ve built.

    Thanks again for the great service.

  • @slpmep ,

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments. We are working on an approach that would allow users to discover their (ONVIF supported) RTSP cameras in their private networks thus eliminating the need for users to find their RTSP URLs, ports, codecs, resolution, etc. However, we do also plan on pursuing guides for the most common cameras models when discovery is not an option. Please stick with us and you will see more and more features as we continue to grow.

    Thank You, Robert

  • @monocle Robert… Keep up the great work… Your direction is great… Im a big fan…

  • @slpmep


  • I know this topic is quite old…
    As an interim - what about creating a forum specifically aimed at camera configuration, to which members can contribute their “real world” instructions for individual makes & models?

  • @autodrivel


    You can do that here:

    Thanks, Robert

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