Android IP Webcam

  • Hello to everyone, I’m trying to configure and old Samsung S5 Mini running android 7.1.2 and IP Webcam app version
    I’ve already configured Monocle Skill on my Echo show 5 and Monocle-Gateway on my Raspberry Pi 3. I’ve checked the rstp link (rtsp:// with VLC and everything worked out well. Unfortunately with IP Webcam I can’t configure the audio as AAC, so I tried to put @noaudio together with @tunnel in the tags. This configuration didn’t work with my Echo Show 5, so I tried various combinations with @proxy and @proxy-tcp without success.
    Has anyone tried similar configurations before?
    Do you have any advice for me?

  • @n-capecci You ever get this working? I’m trying to use IP Webcam and not using the gateway service. I get it to work on vlc player but not on the show 5

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