Invoke Monocle skill from routines [ANSWERED]

  • First of all, I want to thank you for making this skill available. I have my Dahua HDBW4231F camera working perfectly with monocle gateway. Great work!

    I currently have a routine to play a door bell sound when someone presses the door bell button. I would like to add monocle skill to my routine so that my Echo show 5 can stream video when the button is pressed. According to this article, this seems to be doable:

    However, when I try to add the skill to my routine, monocle skill doesn’t show up (in fact none of my skills show up.) Has anybody successfully added monocle skill to a routine?

  • @rainyseason

    Monocle is a “Smart Home Skill” which means that it conforms to the Smart Home Device APIs. I’m not aware of any means (including via routines) to get a camera to display apart from directly asking the Alexa device to show you the camera by name. I wish Amazon would open up some API to do this as this could open up many other integration possibilities. For example, water detected in basement – show Basement camera on Echo Show. The “Smart Home Skills” have a limited set of APIs and I don’t think we can add direct support for routines. I’ll look more into it, but I doubt it’s possible at this time.

    Thanks, Robert

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