Firetv 4k, hikvision, gateway. Have gateway logs, need help

  • hello, I’m trying to get a hikvision DS-2CD2032-I going on a 3rd generation 4k firestick. I have the gateway running on a pc that seems to be communicating ok with the skill and alexa. My monocle settings match my low resolution stream 2. I have tried tagging with tunnel, tunnel/noaudio, and proxy in the portal.

    Is it possible someone could review my cmd stream for the gateway to see if I’m doing something wrong? What is the best way for me to get you the txt file or log paste?

    Vlc works fine if I copy the stream from the portal and paste to vlc.

    I am getting the generic “hmm, camera is not responding on the firestick.”

    I have checked the pc that is running the service with a port checker and after installation, I could see 443 came to life inside my network there.

    Thanks for all your support,


  • @mcnugget was primarily asking about how to get the logs as I don’t know if there is any sensitive info in there besides the password, which I can find and mask…

  • Bump. I’m sure you guys are busy, but the contact link in the app seems to only go to the forums (no email). I have the cmd dialog text I am hoping to get some comment on, but seeing that it at least contained my camera password I need it know if it contains anything else sensitive before I dump it here.


  • Apologies for the delayed response. I did not think the log included the password, but its possible — I don’t think there is any other sensitive information in the log as long as you don’t care about local IP addresses and such. You are welcome to PM me the log as well.

    Thanks, Robert

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