SV3C : SV-B01-1080PL-POE / SV-B01POE-1080P-L

  • SV3C : SV-B01-1080PL-POE / SV-B01POE-1080P-L


    ✔ This camera has been reported to be working directly with Monocle & Alexa.

    SV3C : SV-B01-1080PL-POE

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    Key Features

    • HD 1080P (1920×1080)
    • 2 Megapixel
    • Outdoor
    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)
    • WiFi (802.11b/g)
    • Ethernet (10/100)
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE
    • 70° - 90° Viewing Angle
    • Night Vision Up to 20 meters
    • Waterproof IP66 Rating


    Field Description Example
    {address} Camera TCP/IP address on your local network
    {port} Camera’s RTSP port (default: 554) 554
    {stream} Camera stream (11=main-stream; 12-sub-stream) 11

    Example: rtsp://


    This camera has been reported to work without the proxy/gateway service.



  • Hi there! I am using a mix of SV3C SV-B01 & SV3C SV-D02POE. I am unable to make it work , with and without the gateway. I have tried the @noaudio tag since those cams have no audio, along with the others tags: @proxy, @tunnel, etc… No luck.

  • Hi,
    i report the SV B01 3MP POE as functional.
    Gateway (Raspi)
    264 -> Note that the cam is setup to this parameter; my cam was set to 265 at beginning
    rtsp://…IP…:554/stream1 -> Echo5 can´t handle 3MP(stream0) set stream1 to VGA resolution
    1024x576 -> 16:9 i haven´t try VGA for this setting.
    Tags noaudio + proxy I havent tested more or less.

    Please check the gateway logs - my gateway hang one time