ieGeek 1080p outdoor WLAN camera [SOLVED]

  • Hi

    Trying to get the above camera showing on my Alexa show (gen 2) 10".

    It has two streams - one at 1920x1080 and one at 640x352. I followed a few instructions on various other threads in here but to no avail - I still get the ‘Hmmm, the camera isn’t responding’ message.

    • I have installed the gateway and the alexa device connects to it as I can see this in the gateway output (not running as a service just yet).

    • Can successfully connect the Alexa show, via the gateway, to your demo camera running at 1280x720 (rtsp://, so DNS and connectivity all works.

    • Have tried using both streams in case this Show has problems showing higher resolutions (any info on this?)

    • VLC confirms the video stream is H264. Audio stream, listed as G711 on the device settings, is shown by VLC to be PCM ALAW

    • Have tried multiple tags on the camera including @noaudio due to the above statement re:audio. Used @tunnel and @proxy and @proxy-tcp

    I seem to have exhausted everything I can see that I can try - is there anything else that may help us resolve this one?

    Many Thanks

  • After a little more fiddling about I found

    • A new beta version of the gateway (0.0.4-3)

    • A further tag @fake-fmtp

    After making these changes, hey presto camera is now working!

    Audio works too.

  • @realgandy

    Thanks for reporting your camera success and the details on how you got it working!
    Thanks, Robert

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