How do I debug docker issues?

  • I’ve installed monocle on docker from the offical images. I’m having INTERMITTENT problems with my camera not responding. I’d like to check the logs, unfortunately I see no way to get any help info on this:

    • dmesg - ‘klogctl: opperation not permitted’
    • /var/log/syslog - doesnt exist
    • journalctl - not found
    • /var/log/<any other logs> - nothing at all in /var/log
    • monocle-gateway --tail - /bin/sh: journalctl not found (inside container or out)
    • monocle-gateway --help - no idea why someone would have --help exec something instead of actually showing commands (in or out)
    • monocle-gateway --version - ‘unsuppored command arguments’ (in or out) ARRGGG!
    • man monocle-gateway - no man page
    • issues on github - they disabled the issues page on github and it loos like the repo hasn’t been updated in a year
    • I guess I would exec the container without in daemon mode and just watch the logs but when it retsarts it works. So this is a ton of work to just wait until my problem when I could just look for logs SOMEWHERE. But no idea where they are.

    Devs - I really appreciate this solution to get around amazon’s evil choices around their products --which is why i’ve donated – but there are STANDARD development practices that you’ve ignored that are making it really hard to fix problems.

  • @jkwhle23 So it looks like using ‘docker logs <container id>’ is the best way to see logs. But now Im getting ‘uncaught Exception Invalid RTSP Request-Line’ errors. I’ll post a new thread.

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