Reolink RLC-520 (5MP)

  • Having some difficulty getting this to work.

    Best I can do with the following settings is get my Fire Stick to show a single still, up to date image, but then the feed goes to buffering.
    The feed loads fine on VLC.

    Anyone have any thoughts/advice?

    I am using the Monocle Gateway. I have a working Reolink RLC-410 that was pretty painless to get setup.
    I have two of these RLC-520s and both seem to do the same thing.

  • @stokes776

    Try adding @fake-fmtp to your tag list. This is a shot in the dark, but in some cases it helps.

    Thanks, Robert

  • I purchase 12 Reolink RLC-520 cameras because of the great price for the specs on Amazon and was hoping to integrate them on my network for use with Alexa and also on my Shinobi Docker instance running on Unraid.

    First I created a new VLAN on my Pfsense router to keep everything separate and then made the VLAN profile on my Unifi switch to assign specific ports to that VLAN. I’ll use a DHCP with static MAC leases and bring each camera online one at a time and name them and test them.

    I then installed monocle gateway docker onto my Unraid server inside the same VLAN with a static ip and found out Pfsense was blocking the DNS since it thought it was a rebind threat. I added the exception in Pfsense and voila I could ping the FQDN and the gateway seemed to be up and running.

    Now to setup each camera feed add the Alexa skill and test a camera. The hard part. It seems nobody really has any success stories with a lot of information on their settings so I tried a lot of combinations.

    Here’s what worked on my Fire TV stick:
    RTSP stream: sub
    Authentication: DIGEST
    Video Resolution: 640*480
    Codec: H264
    Audio: AAC
    Tags: @fake-fmtp, @tunnel

    I literally had no success trying anything until I added the @fake-fmtp using the main feed with full resolution and that displayed a bright green video stream (obviously couldn’t interpret it) I switched to the sub stream and had success. I went and tried to load on my Echo Show 5 and it failed which stinks since the Echo Show is the most practical use.

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