Amazon Fire TV Cube will not display camera with flipped image [ANSWERED]

  • Echo Show 2nd Generation
    Amcrest IP4M-1054E Cameras
    Amcrest IP4M-1028E Camera
    Fire TV Cube
    Monocle Gateway

    I have eight Amcrest cameras on my system. Seven are IP4M-1054E cameras. One is IP4M-1028E. All of the cameras display properly on my Echo Show 2nd Gen. All display properly on my Fire TV Cube except the IP4M-1028E.

    The IP4M-1028E is a dome camera above my front door. It would never go past Waiting for Front Door.

    I checked the gateway log and it showed the camera streaming to the Fire TV Cube.

    That camera has the image flipped anti-clockwise 90 degrees because of the narrow entryway. I changed it to No-Flip and the Fire TV Cube displayed it, but not in the desired orientation. I changed it back to flip 90 degrees and no display.

    The Echo Show 2nd Gen handled the flipped image without any problem.

    Is this an Amazon problem or the Monocle App? I also have the IP Cam Viewer App on the Fire TV Cube. It displays the Front Door camera image in the correct orientation without any problem.

  • @ggillen

    Sorry, this is an Amazon issue. All of the rendering of the camera stream is handled entirely by the FireOS. Please report this is as a bug to the Amazon Alexa team. Sadly the FireTVs and Shows run separate branches of firmware so that is probably why it work on the Show and not the FireTV.

    Thanks, Robert

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