Echo Show 8 [2019]

  • Echo Show 8 [2019]

    The Monocle skill can be used to display local IP camera feeds to your Echo Show 8 The Echo Show 8 is supported however, only when running the Monocle Gateway service locally on your network.** Please see the compatibility requirements/notes below.

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    Compatibility Notes/Requirements

    The Monocle Gateway service is required because the latest Amazon Alexa enabled device implement further restrictions and only permit RTSP connections from these devices to camera endpoints over encrypted (TLS) transport layer and only permitted to connect on port 443 using fully qualified domain names with valid a SSL certificate. These rigid requirements make it near impossible for most IP cameras to work directly with Alexa devices and thus the Monocle Gateway service acts as a bridge by fulfilling these requirements and enabling communications with your local IP cameras.

    This model seems to have a bug/defect/limitation that prevents camera streams above 1080P from displaying the video on screen. Please use a camera feed with a resolution at or below 1920x1080.

    Some IP cameras that are confirmed working with existing/prior Alexa devices are NOT working with the Echo Show 8. This includes Wansview cameras.


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