• Hello, my P05 ip camera has a user name “admin” but no password. But in the monocle settings, it is mandatory to put a password … but there is none … How should I do? thank you

  • @spyder

    Monocle does support anonymous access (no username or password) as we as BASIC and DIGEST authentication. Are you saying your’s requires a username and just an empty/blank password?

    Thanks, Robert

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes, I can confirm that with basic or digest mode you must have a password, but there is none. And without a username it doesn’t work. On vlc for example, admin and password nothing, I press enter and it works. Thank you again for your help

  • did you ever find a way to do this ?

    I am having the exact same problem

    please get back to me . thanks

  • @Phezzy How bout put a password on the camera, then update Monocle?

  • @jshimota I am unable to access any type of root for the camera i don’t know how to , it’s a cam from amazon I think eyeplus are the creators I have no idea how to do that and monocle doesn’t let me use admin with blank password

  • @Phezzy Try some of the generic access tools.
    I tried to upload a tool I use occassionally but this forum doesn’t allow that - Look for something called IPCOcxSetup.exe. It gets numerous seccams from China. Or use Onvif Device Manager. One you have the IP address you can control and set the basics of the camera that way (as well as learn much about the RTSP strings etc).
    Neither of your posts have give any clues - you need to post models, pictures, - something - that would help ID the specifics of the camera. If you purchased it on Amazon, check your amazon history for the link to the device and provide so it can be researched.
    Eyeplus actually isn’t a camera manufacturer. The just rebox and resell products from China (as do nearly all Camera manufacturers!) so work it backward - go to Closelli web, download their app and see if it works. You just need to push a password onto the user.
    Another option as well is that many cameras don’t just have Admin/admin or Admin / [blank]. There is commonly a guest user account with PW guest or guest. Try and pick the lock!

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