Chinese Camera

  • i Have chinese no name DVR.
    Please help me setting for Alexa show 5

    on VLC work OK


    ENIGMA2 works OK

    #SERVICE 4097:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:rtsp%3a//

  • @rubeni

    What do you get in VLC when you check the codec info? Is it h264? Try using @no-audio tag and also try the proxy and proxy-tcp? Maybe post your log from your gateway too. 99% chance the cheapo Chinese camera will need the gateway to operate.


  • thank you for the answer. i think chinese dvr are OK. because works mobile android,apple, enigma2,vlc
    but i think my setting on panel something wrong.


    dhis is my setting in panel for alexa show5


  • aha. only now i see…

    Known Issues
    The Amazon Echo Show 5, FireTV Stick 4K (3rd generation), FireTV 4K (3rd generation), FireTV Cube and Toshiba 4K Smart LED TV - Fire TV Edition each require using the Monocle Gateway service to work.


  • @rubeni

    Hey, yeah you will need to run this on a Raspberry Pi, some of the nas devices that run docker will work too!
    I got a pi kit for $200 NZD with the case heat sinks etc. I think you can get them under $75usd for the bare bones parts.

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