The dreaded not responding :(

  • Hi

    I’ve a number of Cameras, 2 x axis and 4 hikvisions. I’m using Ubiquiti AMPLIFI routers though virgin internet (router configured as plain modem) and using Googles DNS services. (,

    it’s all one network, but different SSID’s (the asmart devices have their own 2.4 ssid.)

    I also have a number of Alexa devices, Show 1, Show 8, Spot, FireTV, FireTV HD.

    on the Echo Show 1 - all the cameras will stream perfectly well on command.

    However on the more recent devices (the one I am using to test if the firestick HD) they wont work. I have installed a gateway (first on a qnap NAS box, but for testing on a windows 10 laptop with firewall disabled)

    each time I can see in the monocle interface the 3 calls to the gateway when I say “show kitchen” but thats it, and i get “camera isn’t responding”

    if the cameras work on the show 1 but not on the firestick HD, does that rule out the router firewall being an issue?

    if I can see Alexa making the call to the gateway, does that rule out rebinding as an issue?

    I’m now a little stumped and would be very grateful for any help.

    would registering a domain and buying a valid cert to put on my cameras be easier? if so whats involved in that?

    thanks in advance.

  • @brackb01 It doesn’t appear there is too much support going on here lately, which is unfortunate. I just recently came across the skill and it has a ton of promise, but it is not working for me either. Well, it will work on my older devices, but as soon as install the gateway for the newer gen devices, nothing will display.

    I have done a lot of troubleshooting and the best I can come up with, it looks like it may have to do with authentication, at least on my end. The log shows strange happenings related to the auth transaction.

    That being said, this is only on linux. I can’t get it to even launch properly on Windows 10. Do your cameras require authentication? If so, this could be the problem and I think it is a bug or something changed with the Alexa devices that caused something to break.

  • @shelzmike Hi - in the end (for more reasons than just this) I ditched the Ubituity routers and went back to Asus, purchasing a blue cave - as soon as I did that it worked perfectly.

    Monocle is now running on my Qnap Nas router in a container.

    yes my devices do require authentication - but if the cameras work on an old device (say a show 1) then I cant think why they wouldn’t work with exactly the same config on a new device (Firestick 4k) providing the gateway is behaving.

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