Hikvision HNDB302-W Doorbell

  • Bought this off of Amazon as I wanted Home Assistant / Zoneminder support - both we have working. Now need to be able to view this on the Echo Show 5 that we have in the living room. Came across this application which seemed to be the most promising. Have it installed along with gateway running on Ubuntu 18.04. The gateway received the command just fine and is not having issues with DNS rebinding per the test.
    The settings I have for the camera in the configuration are

     resolution: 1920*1080 (16:9) [FHD] <1080P>
     video codec: H264
     audio codec: NONE. (also tried G711, per VLC report)

    Have tried what I would believe is EVERY combination of @tunnel / @proxy, BASIC / DIGEST along with the @fakefmtp, @noaudio and @fixaudio tags. Have not bee able to get this to display at all on the Show.

    Have it working just fine in Zoneminder / VLC with the following URI:


    The hardware is running firmware V1.4.62 build 171219, encoding version V1.0 build 170623. This is really the last piece to having this doorbell fully automated in our home network. Willing to provide any sort of needed access, packet capturing and/or logging to assist…

    Hoping we can get this to work and thanks for this much needed integration product for Alexa!

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