Raspberry Pi Camera(s)

  • Greetings.

    Sadly, I’m unable to find hardly anything about this topic,
    therefore I feel compelled to adress this here.
    (please correct me if I’m just uncapable of using the search feature)

    I was trying to get the following to work:

    Raspberry Pi + Rasperry Pi Camera
    Monocle Gateway on same Pi

    -> streaming via raspivif-> cVLC -> RTSP / H264 ->-> Monocle Gateway ->-> Echo device

    Thus far I was able to get to the point of the gateway being able to connect all sides - yet,sadly, the Echo is not able to show any video.
    (VLC hasslefree does!)

    If anyone has any infos on this, please contribute.Thanks!

  • Hello,
    exactly the same problem here, please help.


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