Please add support for 544x720 resolution (and maybe 384x512)

  • I have a NSC-DB2 doorbell from Nelly’s using their firmware and can’t get it to work with Monocle. I’ve disabled the encryption. I’ve followed the advice on the threads here and tips scattered throughout the forum. No success.

    I discovered I can possibly use the RTSP feed from the blue iris web server, which receives the native RTSP stream from the doorbell without issue. But I can’t find the right monocle settings. When I access the RTSP stream from blue iris via VNC the reported resolution is 544x720, which is not one of the supported options.

    Incidentally, despite the doorbell’s sub stream being set to the default 352x240 (already supported), VLC reports it as 384x512 (not supported). If this were supported I’d try this one with the native RTSP substream as well, although I’m not so optimistic that it will work. The main stream resolution is already supported and that one doesn’t work.

  • Hmm. Well I tried accessing my Amcrest camera through the Blue Iris RTSP stream in the same way. The resolution for that one is already supported, but still no success. It seems this issue won’t be resolved by adding the missing resolution, although maybe it’s still one part of the solution. Maybe I should have posted to support instead of feature requests.

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