Blueiris 5

  • Hi, i try to setup my BlueIris cameras in Monocle, i have installed the Gateway on my Unraid Server using Docker.

    My RSTP Stream Is working working in VNC




  • Sry im new to the forum i can’t find the edit button, maybe idont have the permission, here my Monocle Setup

    I have also try the @proxy tag, when im using the @tunnel tage i have no error on the console but the stream is not loading on my tv, if im using the @proxy i have this error on the console


  • I think we are waiting on Blue Iris to enable a true RSTP stream which was on their roadmap. If you search the forum you may find a couple other posts indicating the same. Unless they finally added support?

  • @skarragallagher Hi, no its working now i was trying to test the stream on my LG TV, its working fine on my Echo Show 5 now. It take some time to initialise the stream but its working. Also my BlueIris RSTP is working fine and its realy fast.

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