cant get it working amcrest nv5208e

  • Iv tried all the recommendations I can find. Im using a new nv5208e and a echo show 10" so I shouldnt even need the gateway but I have tried that as well. my rtsp url works fine on vlc player and have verified it is in h.264. Im not sure how to post a log but i took a screenshot of the gateway closing. any help much appreciated.

  • @Ls1jay32 I have noticed that Monocle changes my RTSP stream a little when I enter it into the feeds section.
    It goes from: rtsp://

    To: rtsp:// if I use monocles version in vlc it won’t play.

  • K, looks like I have my nvr set to h264h. Not h.264 not home so I can’t try it but could that be it? Is h264h not supported?

  • That didn’t do it… Any ideas, anyone?

  • Hey
    Have you tried different authentications methods on the monocle website side?

  • @FineSir I have tried both digest and basic as well as no authorization. Iv tried just about everything I can think of. Gotta be something simple I’m missing. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m gonna try and get a log posted. Pretty quiet around these forums though…

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