Hikvision - Echo show 5 RTSP

  • Hello,

    I have 4 cameras connected to an Hikvision DVR.
    All the streams work fine on VLC
    Monocle portal has the configuration for the devices with tad: @tunnel, otherwise does not talk with gateway.

    I installed Monocle gateway successfully and when I ask Alexa to show camera i can see in gateway command window :

    2020-11-14T18:06:46.022Z [INFO] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CONNECTED
    2020-11-14T18:06:46.147Z [INFO] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP CLIENT ATTACHED TO STREAM: Entrance (STREAM:0b637d52-bc43-4663-9045-8ff6af7f2830)
    2020-11-14T18:06:46.162Z [INFO] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP ENDPOINT SOCKET CONNECTED {}
    2020-11-14T18:06:46.162Z [DEBUG] [ <SyA33qaFP>] [CLIENT REQUEST] --> [DESCRIBE] rtsp://d8bc7bbc-d41c-4c27-908a-711eb01fa517.mproxy.io:443/STREAM:0b637d52-bc43-4663-9045-8ff6af7f2830?session=e3492571-12de-47ab-bce1-a2ad9042e675
    2020-11-14T18:06:46.162Z [TRACE] [ <SyA33qaFP>] [CLIENT REQUEST] --> [HEADERS] {
    “accept”: “application/sdp”,
    “user-agent”: “Fire OS/6.0 stagefright/1.2 (Linux;Android 7.1.2)”,
    “cseq”: “1”
    2020-11-14T18:06:46.178Z [DEBUG] [ <SyA33qaFP>] [ENDPOINT REQUEST] --> [DESCRIBE] rtsp://
    2020-11-14T18:06:46.178Z [TRACE] [ <SyA33qaFP>] [ENDPOINT REQUEST] --> [HEADERS] {
    “accept”: “application/sdp”,
    “user-agent”: “Fire OS/6.0 stagefright/1.2 (Linux;Android 7.1.2)”,
    “cseq”: “1”,
    “authorization”: “Basic ZWR1YXJkbzpMYWxhMTIzNA==”
    2020-11-14T18:07:16.177Z [WARN] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET TIMEOUT
    2020-11-14T18:07:16.177Z [INFO] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CLOSED
    2020-11-14T18:07:16.177Z [INFO] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP CLIENT DETACHED FROM STREAM: Entrance (STREAM:0b637d52-bc43-4663-9045-8ff6af7f2830)
    2020-11-14T18:07:16.177Z [INFO] [ <SyA33qaFP>] RTSP ENDPOINT SOCKET CLOSED [ <SyA33qaFP>]

    On Echo show it says “Hmm, camera isn’t responding”

    This is because I’m in Portugal?
    I can be a beta tester if needed.

    All the best,

  • While your living in Portugal may prevent it from working as well, I have yet to get my Hikvision doorbell to work with this setup and at this point have completely given up. I scoured all of the forums, tried literally every combination of settings and NOTHING.

    Have no issues like you with VLC and in fact have it streaming / recording continually in Zoneminder again with NO issues. Was hoping this was a solution to get privately hosted cameras to Alexa, but seems like it needs work before it is realized.

    Also seems that there is not much activity on this project lately that I have been able to discern. Last version of the gateway at least for Linux was March 2019 😞 . I also have not been able to find any other projects that seem to offer what this one could have.

    If you happen to find a magic set of options that work, I would be excited if you could share them. Thanks!

  • Thank you for your post!!

    You are completely right… it seems to me that this is not a future solution.
    I will try different approaches and if I get good results i will share.


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