Camera Stream not working

  • Hi everybody,

    i’m new here and try to get my camera’s working on my amazon echo8, so I’m frustrated, because instructions are well explained, and can’t find the issue.

    I’ve got an unifi equipment cloud key2 nvr and 7 unifi g3flex camera’s.
    So I used the monocle gateway on a raspberry pi4 that is working.
    When I try to ask Alexa to show me my camera does not respond.

    I checked the streams with vlc, the dns rebind and if 443 is LISTEN at the raspberry - that works

    so any other idea? could it be the unifi sequrity gateway, so that I have to create a firewall rule?

    kind regards

  • Same here, I just updated my CK2+ to the new beta Unifi OS and it is not working anymore. It used to work with Protect fine before the upgrade.

  • so I try the monocle gateway in an other way and installed it new in a synology docker. That also works fine but the same issue that camera is not responding.

    In the Log it shows me only this:

    22:19:26 -------------------------------------------------
    22:19:26 -------------------------------------------------
    22:19:26 FQDN =
    22:19:26 HOST =
    22:19:26 PORT = 443
    22:19:26 -------------------------------------------------

    But no more entries when I asked Alexa to show me my camera

  • Now it works with Echo8

    I restarted the docker container, and tag the camera with @proxy, @noaudio
    After that the camera is responding, don’t know what is the reason but it also works with the tag @tunnel

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