Instar IN-7011HD (WiFi or PoE)

  • Instar IN-7011HD (WiFi or PoE)

    ✔ This camera has been reported to work with Monocle and Alexa.

    There is an incompatibility in the audio stream between this camera and the Alexa devices. You must access the “Multimedia - Audio” configuration in the camera’s web interface and deactivate the audio stream completely.

    Instar IN-7011HD

    Key Features

    • HD (1280x720)
    • 1 Megapixel @ 25FPS
    • Outdoor
    • Pan, Tilt, Zoom
    • WiFi or PoE Models Available
    • Ethernet (10/100)
    • 90° Viewing Angle
    • Night Vision Up to 8-12 meters
    • Waterproof IP65 Rated
    • micro-SD card supported


    Field Description Example
    {address} Camera TCP/IP address on your local network
    {port} Camera’s RTSP port (default: 554) 554
    {11 | 12 | 13} Camera stream (“11”=RTSP stream #1, “12”=RTSP stream #2, “13”=RTSP stream #3) 11

    Example: rtsp://


    This camera has been reported to work without the proxy/gateway service.


    Instructional Video (German)

    The Instar team has put together a short video detailing the steps necessary for integrating your Instar cameras with Alexa and Monocle.: