Have to restart Gateway

  • My cameras will work with Alexa but when I try the following day Alexa say their unavailable. If I restart the Gateway service it works again. My windows 10 PC is on all the time. I tried @hangup but it didn’t fix the problem. Any ideas how to fix?

  • @rick I had a similar problem a few years ago, it had to do with my local router/gateway using uPNP to open ports. The ports would close after 4hrs. I had to open a Pinhole on the router firewall to solve.
    Just offering suggestions to a fellow user! maybe move the gateway to another machine to see if the problem continues? Does the Windows event log show any reasons for the application stopping? Are there wireless AP in the environment that are resetting on a schedule? Maybe determine the exact time the problem happens and verify it repeats to help understand where to look?

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