Solving Certificate Expiration Issues [Advanced]

  • On December 6 the * certificate expired, is likely to have made most cameras stop connecting correctly through Alexa. The symptom is that Monocle logs show only two lines for a connection attempt: RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CONNECTED then immediately RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CLOSED.

    For most people, waiting for the new certificate to be issued by Monocle is going to be the best option. However, if you run HASS with DuckDNS (or you are willing to generate your own certificate pair by some other means) then you can work around this issue as follows:

    Step #1:
    Copy your DuckDNS certificate files from your HASS instance. By default the files will be in your HASS /ssl folder and be named fullchain.pem and privatekey.pem. Copy these to ssl-cert.pem and ssl-key.pem in your Monocle directory.

    Step #2:
    Add the file to your Monocle directory. This is a text file having the following key lines:

    Step #3:
    Forward port 443 on your router so that your external address points to your internal Monocle server.

    Step #4:
    Restart monocle and you should be up and working again.

  • The certificate issue should be resolved now. You may need to restart your Monocle Gateway instances. My apologies for this issue.

    Thank to @srm for the details on the workaround!

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