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  • Hi guys,
    Could you please add a support for Facebook Portal as well? I have also sent request for feature to Facebook Portal team
    Hope you will find a way to communicate together.
    Anyway, I will update this topic after their feedback.


  • I think that the focus of this project is to enable use of display devices in the Amazon Echo ecosphere with a variety of RTSP cams. Facebook Portal is an entirely different ecosphere, hardware and software wise. Not saying that it couldn’t happen if the developer got interested, but it’s decidely non-trivial.

  • Hi,
    Got it. FYI Facebook Portal supports Amazon Alexa.

  • @i4uba said in Facebook Portal:

    FYI Facebook Portal supports Amazon Alexa.

    That might make it a less complex endeavor, coding wise. Architecturally, all the multi-manufacturer stuff seems to be on the front end of the gateway, mitigated by use of RTSP standard protocol, with the tags representing plugins adapting to certain hw/fw issues on the cams, brokering things so Alexa will accept the stream. But, he could get interested.

  • @mudgen There’s also the possibility that I could be full of it. I was chief of systems engineering at a large state agency and known for my ability to wrap my brain around technical architectures, but I’ve been retired for years.

  • I can watch stream directly from my camera Ubiquiti using built in browser. But Alexa cannot. So it means that there is possibility but something should be corrected.

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