Monocle-Gateway on Windows Server 2016/2019

  • Hello,

    i am trying to run the monocle-gateway on a Windows Server 2016/2019.

    The Port 443 is not avaible for third-party-tools like monocle-gateway because it is in use by the system itself.
    On my server there is an iis-instance running.

    some websites are bound to the 443-Port, so this is another problem, why the gateway can not used.

    Is there any solution to use an existing IIS-Instance to retrieve the amazon-requests and forward it to your gateway-component? or is there any other solution how to run the gateway on a windows server (without an vm)?

    Thank you!

  • @Ralph hi, I am having problems with getting the stream from esp32 RTSP to echo show 5. I am running in server 2019 so I didn’t realise the problem maybe port 443. How do I check if it’s already being utilised by the system?


  • Look at the log on screen when you start the monocle-gateway. by default it will try to bind the port 443. if you see any errors…then the port is in use…

  • @Ralph
    There may be a Monocle config hack to get it to run other than on 443. The problem then would be that Alexa insists on port 443. I’m pretty sure that if I were still in practice that I could do a transparent proxy pipe to another port on an Apache server on Linux, so you may be able to that with IIS. Monocle likes, so that should improve security/performance at least marginally over a true network proxy pipe.

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