ANNKE N46PI NVR Setup Details

  • I own one of these NVR’s (I believe they’re based on HikVision systems). They are sold here: ANNKE N46PI. It’s a 16 channel POE supported NVR with HDMI, VGA outputs and audio in/out for 2-way audio. Supports 2 hard drives up to 6TB of storage each.


    Setting these up appears to be as simple as setting the url to:
    rtsp://<IPADDRESS>:554/Streaming/Channels/101 through to rtsp:// for High Quality
    rtsp://<IPADDRESS>:554/Streaming/Channels/102 through to rtsp:// for Low Quality

    You will need to set the authentication to Basic and enter your NVR Username/Password details.

    The video codec is set to H264, and audio to NONE (although two way cameras might need to set their audio to AAC).

  • I have this system paired up with ANNKE I61FB cameras - available here and also older ANNKE I61G cameras (no longer sold from what I can see). Both are 1080P cameras and work fine with the Amazon Fire TV 2nd Generation and Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation. They are powered over POE by the N46PI.


    Feel free to ask details.

  • Hi,

    I have the exact same setup as you but i can not get it to work. when you use the ip address do you use the nvr ip or the camera ip?

  • @Ned786 I use the NVR IP not the camera IP. The NVR takes care of replicating the streams from each camera.

  • i tried that too but i had no luck. i have managed to get it working but only by a static route on my router and a different rtsp:/192.168.254.x/554

    where x is a different number for each camera

  • @Ned786 do you have stream encryption turned on? If so that won’t work with this solution.

    What urls were you using with your NVR feeds? To check that they were working you should be able to open them on your local machine using a video player like VLC.

  • hello I want to inform v380 about a problem in the app that is very annoying. I cant set the light sensibility down and I get alarm every 10 seconds.

  • @TracyReznik1325 said in ANNKE N46PI NVR Setup Details:


    not sure what you’re referring to here?

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