Yatwin 720p camera

  • Hello,

    I have tried with the above mentioned camera but cannot make it to stream.

    The device I am trying is a Fire 10 HD gen7 tablet.
    The rtsp stream works with VLC.

    this is the url working in VLC rtsp://
    I changed it to rtsp://

    and with using @fixaudio , @proxy the fire table shows the camera.
    However the picture stays stuck at the initial one with Buffering…

    Any ideas?

  • @GorLyk

    The Alexa devices use/prefer TCP connection to the camera. So using rtsp:// in theory would be better. (Except when using @proxy, that does use UDP connections)

    Just to confirm, you are using the Monocle Gateway service installed locally and running on your network?

    Have you tried using “@tunnel, @noaudio”? Please forward us a log using “@tunnel, @noaudio” and we can review it to see if there is anything obvious that is wrong.

    Thanks, Robert

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