RTSPS streams with monocle?

  • Unifi released the ability to use rtsps protocol with Unifi Protect version 1.17 I believe (I am currently using 1.17.1) and I was wondering if this will be implemented for monoclecam as well?

    Any help is always appreciated! Thank you.

  • lol all the replies đź’¨

  • Also highly interested in this to eliminate the need for the gateway. Did you ever find an answer to this or figure out how to use RTSPS?

  • I have not. Seems noone here knows how to do it either.

  • And Monocle obviously isn’t taking any questions regarding the use (future or otherwise) )of this protocol either as you can see by the complete lack of a response.

  • I sure can’t get it to work. Currently running Protect 1.19.0-Beta.10 in UNVR 1.4.9, and have tried the RTSPS URL with both Digest and Basic authentication using a verified User=UBNT and device password from Protect Settings, Advanced, but no-go.

    The regular RTSP URL with no authentication works fine.

  • @GreggC monocle is going to be left behind. I already stopped using it on pretty much everything with the exception of 2 fire sticks. Nvidea shield is way better anyway and doesn’t need monocle at all.

  • @dkbishop Perhaps, and that would be unfortunate. I have the Moncole service supporting access to UniFi cameras on multiple Echo and Fire devices at multiple locations, with and without the gateway, and it works great. If it ever moves from beta to production, I will give the subscription model serious consideration. Until then I will likely continue to use it as is, either until it breaks or some serious flaw is discovered.

    Sorry, I don’t have any Shields to try.

    I DO have several Roku’s, and would love to have a similar solution for those.

    And when it comes to serious commercial security applications, we just go straight to UniFi ViewPorts for extended use live views.

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