Working.. Buffering .. Closes

  • Hi,

    I’ve managed to get the monocle gateway setup on a Pi and also had to get router developers to enter in DNS Rebinding.

    Now what I face is if I ask it to show front camera - it loads fine and stays streaming for around 28 seconds… buffers … then goes back onto the image for a further 2 seconds then just exits.

    I have it on @proxy aswell as @noaudio - I’ve tried @tunnel which doesn’t work for me.

    Has anyone ever experienced this?


  • yes, I experienced the same, here it is about 40seconds.
    I use the proxy-tcp for my alexa 5. after 40 seconds they start buffering and about 3 seconds later is the connection stopped

    I also have alexa 10" they don’t use proxy or tunnel and are working flawless. no time limit.

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