Cannot connect Sricam on Alexa [SOLVED]

  • Hi Monocle-Team,
    In your table of supprted cams I’ve seen Sricam should be work without any problems. I tried everything but sth. is still wrong. I tried the VLC App and it works with the domecam (SP015; H.264, but no audio) and the SP017 (H.264, G.711A).
    OK, for the domecam (SP015) it could be, that the solution will be the gateway solution because of the audio codec.
    But what do I wrong in the Monocle setting for the other Sricam camera SP017? Which models of the Sricam cameras did you test in the past?

  • @volker

    Honestly I’m not really sure which SriCam models were functional without the Monocle Gateway (or previous proxy server) we received several user reports very early on claiming that SriCams were working directly with user’s Alexa devices and did not require using the proxy.

    However, most recent users with SriCams including the SP017 have reported success only when using the Monocle Gateway.

    If we can start getting some confirmation and exactly which settings/tags are being used on these we can add a new SriCam topic here and include which models require the gateway and any required settings:

    As a side note, some cameras that don’t support audio still include an audio channel in the stream descriptor. Alexa seems to have problems with this empty audio channel. You can use the Monocle Gateway to strip out the audio channel if needed. The Media Info view in VLC will show you if an audio channel is present or not for a connected RTSP stream.

    Thanks, Robert

  • My wifi camera terminals got disconnected. Need to connect the blue and brown wire. Pl kindly provide the guidance to connect the two wire so that it will be useful to me further.

  • How you solved it? I also wann connect a Sricam SP009 and a SP017 to Alexa Echo Show5.

    Thanks for help

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