• Hi,
    Camera model : XM530_R80X20-PQ_8M (chinese cam)
    Echo show 8
    Gateway on windows 10 64bits

    I’ve been through all the steps, following your guides :
    Added RTSP url of cam in my account, stream tested on VLC, works great, video codecs are ok, audio are not but I added @no_audio tag to cam account. Added alexa skill, and then running gateway => ok
    So, i can see the cam on alexa’s app.
    I ask the cam to show on echo 8, and I see the gateway is stuck on this :

    2021-02-21T12:30:24.328Z [WARN] [ <r15BG0yfO>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET TIMEOUT
    2021-02-21T12:30:24.336Z [WARN] [ <r15BG0yfO>] RTSP ENDPOINT SOCKET TIMEOUT [ <r15BG0yfO>]
    2021-02-21T12:30:24.337Z [INFO] [ <r15BG0yfO>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CLOSED
    2021-02-21T12:30:24.339Z [INFO] [ <r15BG0yfO>] RTSP CLIENT DETACHED FROM STREAM: cam 5 (STREAM:4f13e2c0-87b3-4acc-a233-b1427d111c07)
    2021-02-21T12:30:24.340Z [INFO] [ <r15BG0yfO>] RTSP ENDPOINT SOCKET CLOSED [ <r15BG0yfO>]

    After 4 or 5 tries, alexa says the cam is not ready or not available.
    I followed all the troubleshooting guide, disabled firewall both on my PC (hosting the gateway) and in the router.
    443 port is free on my PC, but in my router is configured to route to my raspberry. Anyway, I tried to delete this routing on my router, no effect, so may not be the culprit.

    I have no more ideas…

  • @paulbiod
    Also, checked my history, and grab the rtsp url and tried it on vlc, works fine…

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