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  • I’m bragging a tad but I use trigger events, connect with BlueIris - and don’t run the local gateway. I have 5 cameras, including a USB cam, a Hikvision DB1 and 3 onvif PTZ cams. I can voice drive the camera as well. My Echo Show’s (2 5", 2 8" and 1 10") all have worked great for more than a year.
    2 weeks ago I got the new Gen 3 10.1" Echo Show with the motorized screen. No output from any camera will display on it - and only on it.
    I began playing today with myriad options - including loading the local gateway and re-configuring the monocle web settings for @tunnel. In some dialogs I was reading is a reference to @Fakefmtp. I can’t find any description of this Parm. Can anyone describe it’s function for me? Thank you.

  • @jshimota said in Description please for @fakefmtp:


    In the RTSP negotiation from the IP camera, there is a fmtp message in the SDP (descriptor) data that help describe some information about the stream to the endpoint device (in this case the Alexa 10" 3rd Gen) . The @fakefmtp tag will instruct the Monocle Gateway to replace the real fmtp signature with a known working one. This helps get some cameras working where the Alexa device would immediately refuse to play the stream based on the contents of the fmtp signature. So in essence we would lie to Alexa about the stream in hope that she would at least attempt to play it. In some cases it works. This could also be related to some IP cameras not including the right data in the fmtp signature or missing something.

    As for the new 3rd gen Alexa 10" show … I have not tested this one yet but have seen several reports of it not working at all. I guess I need to order one – but I’m not really sure what possible reason it could be failing — unless its more Amazon effort to kill local connectivity and force everything to the cloud. 🙂

    Thanks, Robert

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